Volunteer Testimonials

Fred Loxton

“I have lived in Clapham for the past eight years as it’s somewhere I feel a great sense of belonging.

Witnessing the challenges that many people face on a day to day basis in my local area has inspired me to volunteer at the Ace of Clubs, in order to help positively change my environment and to give vulnerable people in the area the sense of belonging that many of us are so fortunate to experience.” 

John Mc

“Having been a recipient of the vital and essential services the Ace of Clubs delivers whilst experiencing homelessness myself, I felt the need to contribute to show my gratitude, as I know that others are in a similar position to where I was.

The crew of volunteers and managerial staff are a fantastic team and a joy to work with, and the atmosphere at Ace of Clubs resembles a close family or tight-knit community.

This also resonates amongst our guests, service users, and clients, helping to give often marginalised, vulnerable, and fragile adults support and confidence.

The satisfaction gained from providing essential services, helping others get back on their feet, and resolving physical and often emotional or psychological issues is extremely rewarding.”

Jenna Hardcastle

“I was looking for place to volunteer that was well run and friendly. I have found it at Ace Of Clubs.Since my first shift where I was welcomed and made to feel like one of the gang, to each week that’s come after, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there thus far.

AOC is a fantastically organised space where service users are greeted warmly and invited in to receive hot meals, teas, coffees, fruits, veg, breads, pastries and (most importantly) company.Chef is a wizard in the kitchen, serving up delicious and nutritious varieties of meals while the volunteers run the main room. Plates are stacked high with food and service users can make their way to the tables to visit with each other, or take their meals away.

Every volunteer mucks in. We rarely do the same duty as rotating the jobs keeps things fair and interesting, which I appreciate.

The aim of AOC in my eyes is to provide a warm, safe environment for those who choose to, to come in and relax in a shared space where the volunteers always have a smile and kind word to offer.It’s a very special place indeed.”

Richard Pike
“I started volunteering at Ace of Clubs 5 years ago and have always been impressed by all the support they provide to vulnerable people in the Clapham area.
The team there is amazing, making sure each day is full of positivity, smiles and friendly words. Anyone who is interested in giving back to their local community, this is the place to do it!
Because of my time spent volunteering there, it has inspired me to replicate what they do in my local community with The Lunch Club Streatham. The club will be opening its doors every Friday from the 3rd November 2023.”