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Ace Partners with CitizenCard

We are happy to announce that we have kicked off another fantastic new partnership of services; this time with Clapham-based business CitizenCard.

Happy Members of Ace, Happy Customers of CitizenCard

Happy Members of Ace, Happy Customers of CitizenCard

We just launched this new partnership between Ace of Clubs and CitizenCard to provide free ID Cards to people who use Ace of Clubs services. Starting yesterday on the 15th April, someone from CitizenCard will visit the Ace of Clubs every other Wednesday (12-2pm) to take applications for ID cards. This will continue on a schedule that will be posted in the Ace of Clubs centre. To check out Citizen Card’s great work here’s their website

David Logan, Ace of Club’s director welcomed the partnership highlighting that it is important for people to be able to prove who they are without carrying around important and expensive ID like passports.AOC/CCPartner2

James, who applied for a card said ‘I haven’t been able to afford a passport and have been really struggling to open a bank account and access education, benefits and healthcare with all the difficult changes that have been happening recently in my life. Having photographic ID is going to help me in a whole host of ways as I try to maintain my new-found stability in life’

The centre will offer assistance with filling out the application form and CitizenCard will help with taking photos. An application will take two weeks to process, and applicants will be able to pick their cards up from Ace of Clubs.

CitizenCard is the UK’s largest proof of age / ID card provider. As a not-for-profit organisation it works with schools and charities across the UK to provide discounted or free ID cards.

We are really excited about how empowering this partnership is going to be for the homeless and vulnerable members of Ace of Clubs who are in desperate need of such a service.

Here's to Happy Friends, Happy Members, Happy Customers!

Here’s to Happy Friends, Happy Members, Happy Customers!


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Ace Christmas Film Documentary


Well here we are on the first day of advent, so here’s a little film we made this year about our work here at Ace of Clubs.



OR CALL US ON 020 7720 2811 to help out in a variety of ways!

We’ll let our beautiful members, the homeless and vulnerable people we exist to serve do the talking.

Enjoy X

The Ace Team!

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Ace Partnership with DWP

As part of our holistic service to local homeless & vulnerable people to see their lives restored and transformed a vital part of our service is our partnership with the DWP

As well as helping people to get off the streets and into appropriate accommodation we seek to encourage and support people through providing accredited education and support onto benefits and then into employment. We partner very closely on a weekly basis with a local DWP Homeless Outreach Adviser called Suzanne. Suzanne is a vital part of our service and an indispensable catalyst in our ability to help people access benefits and then transition into a working life. Someone who has recently greatly benefitted from and seen his life turned around by this aspect of our support work is our member, Dave.

Whilst it can be controversial in the current environment it is vital for the wellbeing of our members that such partnerships exist and stories like this are given a chance to become a reality….

Dave had this to say as we spoke over a cup of tea this morning – ‘I had shut down completely in the run up to becoming homeless and then just utterly closed up when it happened. It was one of the best things that has ever happened to me that I walked into Ace of Clubs on my first day on the streets and met Suzanne. I feel like a whole new me that I forgot existed has sprung into life. I am excited again about my future….’ Here is a short little clip above where Dave tells us in his own words how things have gone….


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This Week At Ace – The Stuff We Just Do!

Over 550 meals for hungry vulnerable people! 78 Advice & Support Sessions for people struggling with severe poverty! Health care appointments for 14 people suffering from illness! Education classes for 15 creative, intelligent but unfortunately disadvantaged people! 4 people off the streets and into accommodation!


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Ace Community Friends, Lend Us Your Ears

A Story Worth Telling…

With Homelessness & Poverty Action Week on the horizon – Listen to our director, David and one of our members, Pat talk about the life-changing community work of Ace of Clubs and how it has impacted their lives on the Heart to Heart programme on Premier Radio at 8am Sunday morning, 3rd February!









Premier Christian Radio broadcasts on MW 1305, 1332, 1413 in London; and nationally on DAB, and on Freeview channel 725.

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Another Ace Week!

Hello and Happy New Year to all you wonderful Ace of Clubs supporters! Check it out – We’ve served over 500 hot meals to homeless and vulnerable people this week, we’ve provided 74 support & advice sessions and moved 5 people off the cold streets of South London into supported accommodation, woohoo! How Ace is that! The need in our community and city is growing and we’re working our socks off to keep up! Check out these Ace pics from yet another Ace Week!

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An Ace New Year Story of Two Brothers!

These two local young brothers did something wonderfully giving with their Christmas. Compassionate young Otto had been moved by the plight of the homeless people he has been seeing on the streets. So Otto resolved to take action – to do something to help. His parents were taken by surprise when they woke up early one Christmas Holiday morning to find Otto up with his younger brother Tom, both of them ready to put on a yard sale to raise money to help homeless people! Otto and Tom managed to raise an incredible £200! They decided to put this money towards their local homeless charity, Ace of Clubs where they could see the money would be put to it’s most effective use. ‘This is such a lovely and inspiring story at this tough time of year for the homeless’ said centre manager, Sarah Miles. Ace of Clubs director, David Logan was bowled over by the action and compassion of the two young brothers saying ‘I think they’re superheros, it’s very encouraging and gives hope to all involved here at Ace of Clubs that local young people are switched on and have a conscience regarding what’s happening with the vulnerable in our community’

Brothers, Otto Cooper (11) & Tom Schwimmbeck (8) bring the funds they raised to Ace of Clubs and get a tour from Centre Manager, Sarah Miles















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The Mayors Ace Visit!

This is the Mayor of Lambeths reflection on his visit this week to Ace of Clubs

Lambeth is trying to care for its own – November 2012

Posted by Mayor of Lambeth in Uncategorized on December 3, 2012

It’s not difficult to appreciate that, if it were not for those in our borough, who out of compassion and caring for the plight of others our situation would be on a level close to social disaster.  There are many groups in our borough who are extremely active within this type of provision with some practically offering a twenty four seven operation, but let me briefly acknowledge the inspirational work of just three likeminded groups in Lambeth.

There are several churches that contribute to the Robes Project whom I first met at Christ Church in Blackfriars Road, however it was soon clear that this Southwark based project, skilfully managed and guided by Olivia Newington is very closely linked to the work of St Mary’s Ace of Clubs centre for homeless and vulnerable people, operating in St Alphonsus Road Clapham.  And more recently the missionary work of the Rev Arlington Trotman at Springfield Methodist Church has now realised the opening of its custom-built luncheon club, providing meals three days a week for those who are unemployed, unskilled, disabled or shut-in by age or illness, or a combination of these conditions.

I asked Sarah Miles from Ace of Clubs what was the most difficult part of doing this work.  The answer was instant and painfully expressed in the helplessness of having to say “we can feed you, give you a change of clean clothes, make you comfortable and keep you warm but we don’t have any accommodation that we could offer you.”  The worry is that these are not all rough sleepers but previously people with a home, lifestyles and hopes for the future.  This social standing and stability has now been taken away by a cruelty of circumstances that flood their lives with difficulties and where economic crisis is real and streets the reality of their homelessness.

As I write and the temperature starts to fall the Robes Project are preparing to sleep out and Patrick who does all the washing at Ace of Clubs is filling yet another machine, drying out the next batch of woollens and Sarah checking the fruit and bread so generously donated by JS in Balham and M&S in Brixton.  These consistent acts of giving back, carried out for whatever reason, are surely a credit to our borough.  Deprived in parts we may be, (according to the statistics) but in caring we are in a league of our own because we are communities, who get on with a job that needs to be done and for this the volunteers are deserving of our heartfelt thanks.

Clive L A Bennett MSc (Econs) BSc (Hons)

Elected Member London Borough of Lambeth

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A Huge Ace Harvest Thank You to All You Wonderful Ace of Clubs Supporters!

We would like to thank the following churches and schools who have all donated so generously to our harvest appeal!

Your generosity enables us to feed the hungry, provide clothing and warmth for the homeless and share a smile and a chat over a cup of tea with the lonely and isolated people of our community!

All Saints & Holy Trinity Parish Wandsworth

Belleville Primary School

Bertrum House School

Bonneville Primary School

Broomwood Methodist Church

Broomwood School

Chesterton School

Church of the Ascension Lavender Hill

Church of the Holy Spirit

Clapham Baptist Church

Clapham Manor Primary School

Clapham Methodist Church

Coombe Hill School

Corpus Christi School

Eaton House Schools

Ethelred Nursery School

Furzedown Primary School

Heathbrook Primary School

Holy Trinity Church

Hurley Pre School

Immanuel & St Andrew’s CE Primary School

Macaulay CE School

Marmalade Bear Nursery

Our Lady Queen of Heaven RC Primary School

Prospect House School

Richard Atkins Primary School

Springfield Methodist Church

St Andrew’s & Clapham United Reformed Church

St Anne’s Church, Wandsworth

St Anne’s CofE School, Wandsworth

St Anselm’s School

St Barnabas Church Clapham Common

St Barnabas Church Dulwich

St Barnabas Church Southfields

St Bede’s School, Clapham Park

St Bernadette’s School, Clapham Park

St Boniface School. Tooting

St Catherine of Siena Church Chessington

St Elphege’s Infants School, Wallington

St Faith’s School Wandsworth

St James Church, Clapham

St John the Baptist Church, Worcester Park

St John’s Methodist Church

St Luke’s Church Thurleigh Road

St Mary’s RC School, Clapham

St Mary’s RC School, Eltham

St Paul’s Church, Clapham

St Peter’s Church, Clapham

St Stephen’s RC School, Welling

Shaftesbury Park School

Southfields Community College

Stockwell Methodist Church

Streatham & Clapham High School

Streatham Wells Primary School

The Livity School

Thomas’s Prep School

Virgo Fidelis Prep School

Thank you, you are amazing and your support is vital to our work, The Ace Team!

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I Got Soul but I’m Not a Soldier!

Ace of Clubs get’s another ex-serviceman the support he really needs…

WOOHOO – Amazing! We just managed to get a former soldier (who served the country for many years and is suffering as a result of what he witnessed in battle) off the streets and into housing WITH veteran support! Result! The (very happy) Ace Team!! EVERY SINGLE PERSON MATTERS. A life is changed today and with the right support, hopefully forever!

The (very happy) Ace Team!!

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