The Kids Are On It!

When I arrived at work last Monday morning there was a mysterious little letter slipped under my office door….

Much to my surprise and encouragement it was a really uplifting little message from a local family who had heard of our work. These amazing kids had heard about the plight of local homeless people and the work of Ace of Clubs in Clapham during their school assembly in the previous week. At that assembly our Centre Manager, Sarah Miles had addressed the school about this local issue and helped the kids to engage with what it feels like to experience homelessness and just how much help you need to get back on your feet. These young siblings were impacted by this and not satisfied to simply let it go they jumped into action and set up a cake sale on their front door step to raise some cash to support us in our support of local homeless people. It’s such an encouraging thing for us to see young people respond to need in their local community and to show that kind of compassion for those suffering and marginalised. So we wish to send a great big thank you to the family from Ace of Clubs for the encouragement and the support! And well done on making a difference to our day and some local people experiencing tough times. The Ace Team

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