Save Clapham Pottery – They’re Ace!

Why not use your lunch time to have a little peak at this video to Save Clapham Pottery, a fantastic Ace partner project.

Clapham Pottery are one of our closest local partners. We want to help them in the campaign to keep hold of their premises. We care for their work very much and wish to support the project to keep their great work within our local community going. Many of our vulnerable Ace of Clubs members attend pottery courses and find it inspiring, life-giving and something that brings them great hope with a sense of achievement. As one of our members Kevin said ‘it’s shown me that I’m capable of much more than I thought. It’s really therapeutic. You become focused and creative for those few hours forgetting the heaviness of the problems your facing and then suddenly you realise you have created something to be proud of’, with another member, Donna adding ‘Clapham pottery is absolutely wonderful. It helps you so much to learn such a tangible and creative skill and everyone is lovely which makes it a lot of fun’. Pottery has helped both of these people take significant strides forward in their lives due to how encouraging they have found it.

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