HNY ConSono Fundraiser for Ace!

Huge thanks to our amazing new volunteer, David Stahl from Germany and his music group ConSono for putting together an amazing evening of music to raise funds for our work! Here’s what David had to say about it…..

Every year the German music group, “ConSono” organizes two benefit concerts on the weekend before the first Sunday of Advent. ConSono is a self-assembled group consisting of nine musicians, composer Peter Machon and lyricist Christoph Stenzel.DSC_0019

I, David Stahl, play the saxophone. At the moment I am spending six months in Clapham in London, where I’m volunteering for the charity, Ace of Clubs. Ace´s work impresses me a lot and therefore I suggested to collect the money from our concerts for the homeless people of London this year.

“Music Embraces Words” – This is the motto of ConSono combining spiritual and meditative melodies with contemplative texts. The group always performs in sacred premises to produce this unique atmosphere in which the audience can give itself over in tone and word.Scheck

The focus of this year´s concerts was “Luck is…”. What is luck anyway? Where is the luck in my life? Is luck measurable? Can you learn your luck? Questions and thoughts like these were on the audience´s minds during the concerts. All of us, members of the group as well as the audience, enjoyed both concerts very much. We are glad to say that we collected 1025 Euros for Ace of Clubs. We were thrilled with this amazing amount!

David Stahl

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