Ace of Clubs Meal Ticket Scheme


The Ace Meal Ticket Scheme Explained

Buy a £1 ticket – give a meal


  • Buy ACE Meal Tickets and give them to people who are homeless or in need.
  • Each Ace Meal Ticket will give them a hot meal at the Ace of Clubs.
  • When they are there they can also get practical support.
  • You can get the Meal Tickets from the ACE Shops (111 Balham High Rd or 8 Clapham Park Rd), or the centre, at £1.00 each.
  • If you buy a meal ticket you know your contribution to Ace of Clubs will directly help a homeless or vulnerable person.
  • It can also help someone in need get help straight away,

What We Do


  • Every day, Monday to Friday, over 80 people come to Ace of Clubs for a lunch, personal support, and a warm welcome.
  • And every day someone who has just become homeless comes to us for practical help and advice.
  • Ace of Clubs relies on the support of local people to be able to keep providing this essential service. For information on other ways you can help please visit our website



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2 comments on “Ace of Clubs Meal Ticket Scheme
  1. Liz Masters says:

    Hi – my daughter was given an Ace of Clubs meal ticket by one of her teachers to give to someone in need.

    I just wanted to check whether the ticket can only be used on the Clapham centre – so maybe someone in our area NW London might say that it is too far to travel (in cost) to use the ticket…
    Please let us know.

    • SarahM says:

      Hi .. The meal tickets can only be redeemed at Ace of Clubs in Clapham so it is unlikely someone in NW London will come over here unless they have a freedom pass. Whilst we are an open access day centre, our clients tend to come from south of the river.
      Many thanks
      Sarah, Centre Manager

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