Bike Club

The Bike Club is currently on hold due to Coronavirus – please check back here for any updates.

The bike club was originally started in 2010 and was managed by some formerly homeless and vulnerable people who were helped onto their feet by Ace of Clubs.

This is on every Wednesday (9:30 – 12:00) , and clients of Ace of Clubs day centre are welcome to come along to get their own bike mended, or to help service donated bikes (which can then be given to other homeless people).

To donate a bike just contact us on:
Telephone 020 7720 2811

Ace Bike Club Goals

  • To build bikes for homeless people who need cheap transport to accommodation/employment interviews and such.
  • To teach vulnerable people a new trade to help them become employable and reconnected to their community
  • To fix, service and restore bikes for our neighbours and members of our local community
  • To sell restored bikes to the local public
  • To give members of the public and our local community a way of getting involved with our work and supporting us in helping people
  • To provide a way in which those who have been helped onto their feet give back to the community

Some of our members are involved in restoring bikes, do you have any old parts lying about that you could donate?

Bike Club Video