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Ace Bike Ride 2013 Is Here!

Hello Dear Ace Supporters! Click on this link to donate towards our target of £500, which will be spent on food for the homeless and those most vulnerable in our community

On 16th June for the third year running a team of 10 brave members (service users), volunteers and staff from Ace of Clubs will embark on the 60 mile cycle over the hills from London to Brighton with only their will power and the support of you to keep them smiling through the saddle pain! The aim this year is to raise at least £500 to go towards the cost of food to feed those most vulnerable and marginalised in our local community. The impact of the last five years of recession along with the welfare reforms of the last year has meant that many in our local area are struggling desperately against overwhelming poverty. Two years ago 35 people per day were coming to Ace for some food as they could not afford a square meal. Today this number has risen to 120 – Almost quadrupling since January 2011! With homeless rough sleeping having risen by 43% and the use of food banks by the poor having tripled in our city, our services at Ace of Clubs and other agencies like ours is more vital than ever before in helping people turn their circumstances around to see their lives restored. It is so important that you, the people, our supporters get behind us by donating to our cause and joining in by volunteering too! Please give to this fantastically fun and relationship-building journey to Brighton and make our Ace Bike Ride 2013 one to remember! Thank you all, The Ace Team

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