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Ace Harvest!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Harvest Time at Ace of Clubs!

All that stuff at the back of your cupboard or under the stairs… chuck it our way!

We need whatever you can spare in the way of non perishing/tinned foods, clothing, underwear, and of course cash to help us through the winter months. You can sign up to a direct debit by clicking on DONATE at the top of the page here. Here’s an idea of some costs we’ll face this winter…

Water: £130 per month. Food: £270 per month (amazingly, the rest is donated!). Petrol: £120 per month. Washing Machine: £35 per month. Electricity: £290 per month. Maintenance & Repairs to centre: £220 per month


The Ace Team! Frank, Nicola, Dean and Sarah


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