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Ace at the movies

We have just hosted 6  film crews in one week! 

We have been working in partnership with students from Ravensbourne  ( a media college in Greenwich) . They have been creating  some short films about Ace of Clubs. Filming took place in October, and they are now working on the edits.

With subjects including the Bike Club, Volunteering and Ace Shopping we look forward to seeing what they have come up with, and hope to post some of the finished films on this website. Watch this space!


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Balham Shop Now Open !

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new shop in Balham.

After a full refurbishment, and with carefully selected stock, we have now opened the second ACE! shop at 111 Balham High Rd, SW12  9AP. (Opposite Waitrose).

Please come and visit – we are open Tuesday to Saturday 11:00 – 6:00, and on Sundays 11:00 – 4:00.

The two shops play a vital part in  funding  the work of Ace of Clubs, so please support the shops with your donations and your purchases.

We are also looking for volunteers to help with all aspects of running . Please look at the “get involved” page on this website for more information.


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Abbeville Fete , Comedy Club and Bike Ride!

The wonderful Abbeville Fete will be on Saturday 24th June.

Once again Ace of Clubs are one of their supported charities. We will have a stall at the fete where we will be on hand to tell you more about what we do, and how you can help, as well as selling carefully selected items from our shops! Please come along and say hello.

Ace of Clubs are delighted to be supported by the Clapham Comedy Club . We will be receiving 25% of the profits from a fabulous gig coming up on Thursday 18th June, at Bread and Roses. Simon Munnery and Tony Law are starring – so please come along, have a brilliant evening and support us at the same time.

A team of intrepid cyclists from a local firm – SMC Home Technology –  are riding from London to Brighton on Saturday 3rd June, and are seeking sponsorship for  Ace of Clubs as motivation for their endeavour! Rumour has it that some of them will be tackling the Downs on Bromptons.


Please follow and support the SMC Warriors via  their sponsorship website


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Ace of Club Job Vacancies

Join the Ace team!

Become part of a dynamic and innovative team at our Day Centre for Homeless and Vulnerable People, helping people from across South London to see their lives restored.

We currently have no vacancies here at the Ace of Clubs,  but please come back in case we have a post advertised that may suit you.

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21,000 Meals for 2016

In 2016 Ace of Clubs celebrates its 21st Birthday.  Amazing to think how many people will have walked through our doors during this time and how many lives will have been altered in some way as a result of this.

We want to use 2016 to celebrate all the amazing things that Ace of Clubs has achieved throughout the past 21 years.  There will always be people in need of food, comfort, shelter, love and assistance and thanks to your kindness and support we hope that Ace of Clubs will be able to continue to provide these for another 21 years.

Our target of 21,000 is also the number of meals we are currently serving in a year, so please help us to cover the cost of providing hot, healthy and nutritious meals at a nominal charge to those who need them most.



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Ace of Clubs Harvest 2015!

Hello Wonderful Ace of Clubs Supporters! 

It’s harvest time again already! Please help us to help those most vulnerable in our local community again this year by donating the following list below of much needed supplies for the homeless and marginalised people we serve each day. Please also consider donating cash and setting up direct debits to support our vital cause by following this link …Without your support we couldn’t do what we do, so we love you for sticking with us so that we can keep changing lives! Lots of thanks and love from The Ace Team!



 The following items are always in demand and therefore any donations are gratefully received.  ***Where possible please DO NOT donate pasta, tea bags or baked beans.  Thank you!

 Groceries:  We are supporting around 120 people and serving 80+ meals a day

 Tinned food – meat, fish, tomatoes, vegetables, soup, fruit, rice pudding, custard

Gravy granules, salt, cooking sauces, coconut milk

Oil, soy sauce, dried herbs, spices, curry powder

Rice (basmati)

Long life milk



Washing up liquid, disinfectant, j-cloths

Plastic cutlery

Washing powder – Atm we wash 20 loads a week

Toilet rolls

Deodorants, shaving foam, razors, shower gel, shampoos –

Atm there are at least 36 showers a week

Sainsbury’s vouchers (£5 plus) for buying fresh meat and dairy produce for the kitchen

All clothing and bedding can be second hand as long as it’s clean!  Clean clothing is given to those who have showers as well as those who are in need

Sleeping bags, blankets, rucksacks, bedding



Long johns/thermals




Waterproof jackets

T shirts / sweatshirts

Men’s trousers (particularly 30”-34” waist)

Shoes and trainers

Ace Logo 2

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Ace Partners with CitizenCard

We are happy to announce that we have kicked off another fantastic new partnership of services; this time with Clapham-based business CitizenCard.

Happy Members of Ace, Happy Customers of CitizenCard

Happy Members of Ace, Happy Customers of CitizenCard

We just launched this new partnership between Ace of Clubs and CitizenCard to provide free ID Cards to people who use Ace of Clubs services. Starting yesterday on the 15th April, someone from CitizenCard will visit the Ace of Clubs every other Wednesday (12-2pm) to take applications for ID cards. This will continue on a schedule that will be posted in the Ace of Clubs centre. To check out Citizen Card’s great work here’s their website

David Logan, Ace of Club’s director welcomed the partnership highlighting that it is important for people to be able to prove who they are without carrying around important and expensive ID like passports.AOC/CCPartner2

James, who applied for a card said ‘I haven’t been able to afford a passport and have been really struggling to open a bank account and access education, benefits and healthcare with all the difficult changes that have been happening recently in my life. Having photographic ID is going to help me in a whole host of ways as I try to maintain my new-found stability in life’

The centre will offer assistance with filling out the application form and CitizenCard will help with taking photos. An application will take two weeks to process, and applicants will be able to pick their cards up from Ace of Clubs.

CitizenCard is the UK’s largest proof of age / ID card provider. As a not-for-profit organisation it works with schools and charities across the UK to provide discounted or free ID cards.

We are really excited about how empowering this partnership is going to be for the homeless and vulnerable members of Ace of Clubs who are in desperate need of such a service.

Here's to Happy Friends, Happy Members, Happy Customers!

Here’s to Happy Friends, Happy Members, Happy Customers!


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HNY ConSono Fundraiser for Ace!

Huge thanks to our amazing new volunteer, David Stahl from Germany and his music group ConSono for putting together an amazing evening of music to raise funds for our work! Here’s what David had to say about it…..

Every year the German music group, “ConSono” organizes two benefit concerts on the weekend before the first Sunday of Advent. ConSono is a self-assembled group consisting of nine musicians, composer Peter Machon and lyricist Christoph Stenzel.DSC_0019

I, David Stahl, play the saxophone. At the moment I am spending six months in Clapham in London, where I’m volunteering for the charity, Ace of Clubs. Ace´s work impresses me a lot and therefore I suggested to collect the money from our concerts for the homeless people of London this year.

“Music Embraces Words” – This is the motto of ConSono combining spiritual and meditative melodies with contemplative texts. The group always performs in sacred premises to produce this unique atmosphere in which the audience can give itself over in tone and word.Scheck

The focus of this year´s concerts was “Luck is…”. What is luck anyway? Where is the luck in my life? Is luck measurable? Can you learn your luck? Questions and thoughts like these were on the audience´s minds during the concerts. All of us, members of the group as well as the audience, enjoyed both concerts very much. We are glad to say that we collected 1025 Euros for Ace of Clubs. We were thrilled with this amazing amount!

David Stahl

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Ace Christmas Film Documentary


Well here we are on the first day of advent, so here’s a little film we made this year about our work here at Ace of Clubs.



OR CALL US ON 020 7720 2811 to help out in a variety of ways!

We’ll let our beautiful members, the homeless and vulnerable people we exist to serve do the talking.

Enjoy X

The Ace Team!

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Ace Partnership with DWP

As part of our holistic service to local homeless & vulnerable people to see their lives restored and transformed a vital part of our service is our partnership with the DWP

As well as helping people to get off the streets and into appropriate accommodation we seek to encourage and support people through providing accredited education and support onto benefits and then into employment. We partner very closely on a weekly basis with a local DWP Homeless Outreach Adviser called Suzanne. Suzanne is a vital part of our service and an indispensable catalyst in our ability to help people access benefits and then transition into a working life. Someone who has recently greatly benefitted from and seen his life turned around by this aspect of our support work is our member, Dave.

Whilst it can be controversial in the current environment it is vital for the wellbeing of our members that such partnerships exist and stories like this are given a chance to become a reality….

Dave had this to say as we spoke over a cup of tea this morning – ‘I had shut down completely in the run up to becoming homeless and then just utterly closed up when it happened. It was one of the best things that has ever happened to me that I walked into Ace of Clubs on my first day on the streets and met Suzanne. I feel like a whole new me that I forgot existed has sprung into life. I am excited again about my future….’ Here is a short little clip above where Dave tells us in his own words how things have gone….


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